Induction Heating for Plastic Extrusion

This is introduced the Induction Heating for plastic extrusion process in the Blower Machine for Plastic Bag.


Regenerative Application in Sugar Centrifuge

This application is example to implement FRECON - iHRG Series in Sugar Centrifuge process. FRECON - iHRG is the Regenerative inverter, Its techology can feed that energy back into the power mains as three-phase AC instead of wasting it as heat. The regenerative energy that would have had to feed back into the the electric utility, benefit to reduces the kWh consumption and therefore the electricity bill.


FRECON-iPV for Solar PV Rooftop System

FRECON-iPV series is solar grid-connected inverter series for Solar PV project. This is example implement on Solar PV Rooftop that is one most application of the Grid-connected PV system. FRECON-iPV series can be use for residential to large commercial PV system.