FRECON-iPV for Solar PV Rooftop System


Solar PV Rooftop System

Solar PV Rooftop is one most application of the Grid-connected PV system that has solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a residential or commercial building or factory. Grid-connected PV system is designed to operate in parallel with the electric utility grid. It is most cost effective PV designed for most sites. This system does not provide backup power during no sunlight or a power outage even if the sun is shining. The major component is the inverter or we can call “PV inverter”,it converts the DC power produced by the PV array into AC power consistent with the power quality and safety required by the utility grid. The inverter automatically stops supplying power to the grid when the utility grid is not energized.

AC output of PV system is connected to the electric utility network at an on-site distribution panel or main service board. The AC power produced by the PV system to either supply on-site electrical loads, or to back-feed the grid when the PV system output is greater than the on-site load demand. So, this system is generally suitable for sites that have their load demand during day-time or peak-time and object to energy saving and reducing on site's electricity bills. 

FRECON-iPV: F010i-4PVb - PV Inverter for Grid Connected PV System

Frecon F010i-4PVb is Grid-Connected Inverter 3Phase 11kW designed for solar rooftop system from small residential to commercial. It is compliant with grid connectivity code of PEA and MEA.

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