SMT process

Video Clip. SMT process.

Wave soldring

Video Clip. Wave soldring.

PCB. board inspection.

- The in-circuit test quickly detects board assembly faults such as missing component, short/open traces solder bridges and improperly inserted components.

- operation test PCB. board

Video Clip. In-Circuit Test.

Body & PART Assembly process: Punching.

- Create holes in a workpiece with the Punching Machine .

Video Clip. Punching Machine.

Body & PART Assembly process: Bending.

- Bend a workpiece with the BENDING machine.

Video Clip. Bending Machine.

Heat sink Inspection.

- Flatness controll of heat sink.

Video Clip. Heat sink in Spection.

Heat sink Auto Drilling.

- Heat sink drilling with Auto drilling machine.

Video Clip. Drilling Machine.

Final Assembly Process.

Video Clip. Final Assembly.

Final Test.

Video Clip. Final Test.