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We research and develop with a strong focus on innovation and technology. Our key to success is decades of experience in researching, developing and manufacturing in electronic industrial drives


Quality is our responsibility to ensure that we deliver high quality products and generate value for our customers. We have awarded CE and ISO9001 certificates to guarantee safety and quality standard.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is Customer Satisfaction by delivering long life and high quality products and technology. Our products used all components from well-known maker guaranteed by our quality system that have been awarded CE and ISO9001 certificates.

FRECON Products

AC Servo

Economic BLDC Compressor Driver
Economic and compact driver for BLDC compressor that comes with a lot of useful features

AC Servo

High Performance BLDC Compressor Driver
Endurance high performance driver for BLDC compressor that suitable for heavy duty application.

AC Servo

Stand Alone AC Servo
High performance servo inverter is designed for dynamic motion applications and high precision of positioning control system. It can operate without controller (PLC) by supporting both permanence magnet synchronous motor and induction motor.

AC Servo
FRECON - iX Series

Sensorless Control Inverter
Standard general purpose inverter is designed for controlling wide range of variable speed with reliable and high efficiency. Built-in PID controller is available.

AC Servo
FRECON - iH Series

High Performance Inverter
High performance and high quality inverter of the highest level is suitable for heavy duty application. Support real time network communication with built-in Modbus communication without any optional devices.

AC Servo
FRECON - mX Series

Compact Sensorless Inverter
Standard general purpose inverter in compact body comes with built-in PID controller.

AC Servo

Automatic Rescue Device Uninteruptible Power Supply
RESCUE DEVICE (A.R.D.) is designed for elevator operates automatically when mains blackout and powered by storage batteries, enables the elevator moves to the nearest floor at low speed and opens the automatic doors.

AC Servo
FRECON - iSP Series

Solar Pump Inverter
Special solar inverter for water pump. It is newly launches to enchance our FRECON high performance inverter series that is high efficiency and stable performance. Tracking the PV output array by MPPT function and provides fulls protection such as Dry-run mode and other control protections.

AC Servo
FRECON - iPV Series

Solar PV Inverter
Solar grid-connected inverter for solar power generation system from small residential solar rooftop to large commercial solar system. It is compliant with PEA and MEA.

AC Servo
FRECON - iHRG Series

Regenerative Inverter
Control the regenerative power back to the grid. Applications where reduced energy consumption and cost in typical applications include Sugar Centrifuges and separatr, Winding/Unwinding Stands, High Volume Air Conditioning, , Downhill Conveyors, Press/Cyclic Loads, Elevator/ Hoists and Cranes, etc

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